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Item Description
1.Rock Island Illinois bench vice. As is.
2.Dominion electric fan turquoise blue, dirty, oscillating part of fan does not work but the blades of the fan do. As is.
3.Old galvanized Sprinkling can. As is.
4.Old pink baby scales Brearley. As is.
5.Child's wooden ironing board, 14 inches tall, 21 inches long. As is.
6.United vintage wall clock electric, glass face is cracked between 10:00 and 12:00 hour mark,and the clock has rust, needs new cord. As is.
7.Black metal rack for saw blades. As is.
8.Box of marbles. As is.
9.4 pieces of gold carnival glass, 1 piece is footed 7.5 inches across top 4 inches tall with chip, fluted bowl 8 1/4 inch, bowl 7 inches, bowl clear bottom 8 inches. As is.
10.3 pieces of purple carnival glass, 5.5 inch, 7.5 inch, and 9 inch piece. As is.
11.Child's wash board. 7 1/4 X 16 inches. As is.
12.McCoy cookie jar Polar bear, chips around the inside lid and the jar. As is.
13.Doll table and chair, table folds, table is 11.5 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 15 inches long. As is.
14.Metal toy train Limited Vestibule Express, 4 intact pieces, 1 train car for parts. As is.
15.Wind up Toy wringer washer plastic, and metal toy mixer with moving parts. As is.
16.Metal toy chicken wind up, no eggs. As is.
17.Metal toy drum. As is.
18.Nancy Lynn drinking glasses, 3 drinking glasses, and 6 juice glasses. As is.
19.7 piece prescut beverage set still in box, glass pitcher with 6 glasses. As is.
20. 7 pieces of misc. kitchen items including, kitchen maid heat diffuser, 3 bread pans, speed chopper, and grater. As is.
21.5 pieces, 4 planters, rooster, baby, train, cat, 1 Panther figurine. As is.
22.6 planters, 3 are lambs, clown, and baby shoes. As is.
23.18 pieces of misc. toys, cast iron wheel barrow, metal horse, paper mache bunny head with glass eyes, and other. As is.
24.2 covered cake plates. One is a stand the other is a plate. As is.
25.6 pattern glass bowls. As is.
26.6 place Anchor hocking Fireking, dinner plates, salad bowls, dessert bowls, cups and saucers, cream and sugar. As is.
27.40 pieces of children's dishes, iron, and kitchen items. As is.
28.10 toys, wooden toy knife, pop gun, and other. As is.
29.9 pieces of glassware, cracker jar, opalescent bowl, pattern glass, bread pan, lamp shade. As is.
30.1 bow of misc. toy doll figures. As is.
31.Brand new Martin house in box by Trio-musselman. As is.
32.6 small sand buckets, Donald Duck, and other. As is.
33.7 toy items, train car pieces, metal toy car missing a wheel, metal toy airplane, spin top, sand bucket shovel, and toy violin. As is.
34.White stone shoulder bow, 10.5 across top, 5 1/4 tall. As is.
35.2 boxes of plastic doll furniture. As is.
36.Blue stone shoulder bowl 10 inch across top, 5 inches tall. As is.
37.6 door knockers, built by Moir lumber co. As is.
38.3 piece graduated Fireking bowls, flower pattern. As is.
39.7 pieces of vision ware. As is.
40.Metal doll house on wheels. As is.
41.2 stone bowls, 1 is 6 3/4 tall X 9 3/8, other one is 2.5X 5.5. As is.
42.9 pieces assorted glassware including 6 pieces of pink depression, Fenton yellow basket, green stone pitcher, salt and pepper set damaged. As is.
43.2 cast iron corn bread pans, As is.
44.Club Aluminum pot, Household Institue. As is.
45.#12 iron skillet, 13 7/16 inches, As is.
46.Cast iron bean pot. As is.
47.Cast iron pot. As is.
48.Ladies ice skates. As is.
49.1 box of drinking and juice glasses, 3 are Tweety Bird. As is.
50.6 pieces of glassware two patterned glass bowls, carnival dish with chip on the bottom. As is.
51.1 lot of organizers, nuts, bolts, screws, nails, lug wrenches, and misc items, in the corner of the garage. As is.
52.3 3/4 inch thick X 16 1/2 wide X 8 ft oak plank. As is.
53.2 runner sleds. As is.
54.2 boxes of furnace filters, 1 box is 16X25X1, and the other is 20X25X1. As is.
55.Hermes standard 8 manual type writer, return does not work. As is.
56.Cast iron bell approx. 28 inch at the bottom, 19.5 inches tall without the hanger, has stand, and rope, believed to have come out of Grammar school not authenticated, some damage. As is.
57.Wooden bench, 43.5 inches across front. As is.
58.Suitcase full of assorted sewing supplies, sewing basket, material and other. As is.
59.Champion juicer. As is.
60.2 coolers. As is.
61.Single sided Falls City beer sign, 46 1/4 inches tall X 70 inches long, wood backing. As is.
62.1 stack of misc. lumber upstairs of garage, longest board measures 18 ft. As is.
63.2 Coors beer signs. As is.
64.2 plastic old style beer signs. As is.
65.3 Stroh's beer advertisements. As is.
66.Approx. 13 assorted beer advertisements. As is.
67.Baby bassinet, 17X31.5 X 12 inches tall. As is.
68.Composition doll, 28 inches tall approx. As is.
69.Fabric faced doll approx. 36 inches tall. As is.
70.Doll 22 inches tall with opening and closing eyes. As is.
71.Doll with hair approx. 20 inches tall. As is.
72.Old doll eyes open and close, approx. 20 inches. As is.
73.3 old baby dolls. As is.
74.3 old baby dolls, shortest one is 3.5 inches, tallest one is 8.5 inches. As is.
75.2 cloth dolls, and 1 composition doll. As is.
76.1 box of assorted glassware, juice glasses, cream and sugar, stemware. As is.
77.2 boxes of glassware, bowls, compote, Fireking bowls, pattern glass bowls. As is.
78.Box of 2 miniature oil lamps, 2 planters, and other. As is.
79.Box of juice glasses, painted and clear. As is.
80.Box of figurines, animals. As is.
81.Vase and planter with bird pattern. As is.
82.Box of patterned glass, carnival butter dish, bowls. As is.
83. Box with min lantern, mini oil lamp, tea pot, mini coffee grinder. As is.
84.Box with cream and sugar bowls, dog figure, powder box, planter, misc. As is.
85.2.5 inch plum bob. As is.
86.Doll with opening eyes, 18 inches tall. As is.
87.3 dolls, one is porcelain head, one is cloth, tallest doll is 23 inches. As is.
88.Old cloth surveyors tape. As is.
89.1 box chisels and drill bits. As is.
90.3 Dolls one with porcelain head taped up with damage, 2 have opening eyes. As is.
91.Kewpie doll with arms detached. As is.
92.4 dolls with opening eyes. As is.
93.Box of 5 chisels, 3 squares. As is.
94.Box with Bailey plane, and hand saws. As is.
95.1 flat of approx. 10 small dolls. As is.
96.1 flat of misc. saws, yankee drill. As is.
97.1 flat with mallet, 2 planes 1 is Bailey, wonder bar, and sharpening stone. As is.
98.1 small baby quilt, 28X36. As is.
99.Box with mallet, 2 braces, and Lufkin 100ft tape. As is.
100.Roofers hammer, draw knife, and carpenters hammer. As is.
101.1 lot of 3 hand saws, and wooden level. As is.
102.4 vegetable bowls, mixing bowl, and platter, Homer Laughlin and Kitchen craft . As is.
103.Plastic tote of ladies hand bags, assorted. As is.
104.1 large tote of blankets, and misc. curtains. As is.
105.2 vintage teddy bears. As is.
106.Assorted group of soft goods and aprons. As is.
107.Child's chair and potty chair, wooden. As is.
108.Camel back trunk, leather handles are missing. As is.
109.Bow of 3 glass pitchers, and bowls. As is.
110.Box of assorted cake pans, muffin pans, and flatware. As is.
111.Lot of platters, cups, baskets, iridescent glass, and misc. As is.
112.3 boxes of assorted glassware, cups, saucers, plates, salt and pepper, bowls, and other. As is.
113.3 boxes of glasses, glassware, vases, mugs, and other. As is.
114.Lot of patterned glass, projector, misc. items. As is.
115.Lot of 3 boxes, pots and pans, soft goods, Christmas bulbs, and other misc, cake pans, coat hangers. As is.
116.Fishing chair, scaling board, bucket. As is.
117.Continental scale. As is.
118.Lot including bug zapper, clothes drying rack repaired, fan, baskets, and misc. As is.
119.2 old post card albums. As is.
120.Children's books (5). As is.
121.2 flats of costume jewelry necklaces. As is.
122.4 Jennings County yearbooks, 1956,57,58,59. As is.
123.6 boxes of cleaners, degreaser, and other. As is.
124.3 wooden bottle crates, Pepsi, and other. As is.
125.Shop vac. As is.
126.10 drawer dresser. As is.
127.Lot of misc, pots, water can, coal bucket, plant stand. As is.
128.10 jars of marbles. As is.
129.Old wooden carpenters tool box. As is.
130.1 lot of oil lamp chimneys, wooden stakes, 2 old chairs, bowling ball, little cart. As is.
131.Garage shelves of paint, fluids, caulking, staple guns, assorted items. As is.
132.Punching bag Everlast. As is.
133.Lot of bible, Irwin Union bank money bag, Jennings County newspaper memorabilia. As is.
134.Full size headboard. As is.
135.Single drawer lamp table. As is.
136.3 drawer chest. As is.
137.4 drawer oak chest. As is.
138.Long handle tools including snow shovels, aluminum scoop, mowing side, rake. As is.
139.Metal shelf in garage 7ftX 39 inches tall.
140.Cement mixer with 8 hp Honda engine. The Engine will not run and appears to be locked up. As is
141.Scrap pile of alum, steel and metal. As is
142.3 small AC units and 2 small refrigerators for scrap
143.Ferguson 2 bottom 3pt. Plow AS IS.
144.Honda harmony II hrs 216 push mower. As is
145.Stow rotoscoped growl with Honda 5.5hp engine. As Is
146.Wheel barrow,mason army hoe and snow shovel. As Is
147.Sears salamander heater. As Is
148.4 Senior air nailers an air hose. As Is
149.1 lot of cement trolls and tools. As Is
150.M B W inc. cement trowlimg machine w/ 7 hp. Briggs eng. As Is
151.Concrete Shute. As Is
152.Small pitcher pump. As Is
153.Electric. Motor and jumper cables. As Is
154.2x4 awning. As Is.
155.Buckets of galvanized fittings,pvc fittings, wood stakes, 2 plastic tool boxes, autographed Goodyear drag tire. As Is
156.4 log chain binders. As Is
157.Small tool box w/ chain hooks and Clovis is. As Is
158.75 foot log chain, hooks on both ends. As Is
159.1 bucket of large chain. As Is
160.16 foot log chain no hooks. As Is
161.16 foot log chain no hooks. As Is
162.16 foot log chain no hooks. As is
163.16 foot log chain no hooks. As is
164.16 foot log chain no hooks. As is
165.16 foot log chain w/ only 1 hook
166.Men's Fuji 10 speed bicycle. As Is
167.Appliance dolly. As Is
168.Approximately 4 rolls of different size water lines. As Is
169.Gas cans, pvc pieces, cement blocks, wheel barrow. As Is
170.Plastic tote of pvc fittings. As is
171.Copper tubing, electric fence wire and misc.
172.Large hyd. Cylinder. Approx 4. As Is
173.7 bundles of asphalt shingles. As Is
174.9 inch auger approx 42 inch long. As Is
175.Clem our sand blast pot. As Is
176.Beta flo water tank. As Is
177.2 sections of 30 inch scaffold bucks with extra braces. As Is
178.3 large stacks of assorted lumber. As Is
179.Assorted power tools. As Is
180.Large lot of aluminum J channel. As Is
181.3 small tool boxes, road flares and misc. As Is
182.Blower, saw blades and misc. As Is
183.10 inch craftsman table top band saw. As Is
184.Black hawk pedestal grinder. As Is
185.Ryobi 14 inch cut off saw. As Is.
186.Craftsman radial arm saw. As Is
187.Assorted lot of saws, sanders drill. As Is
188.Electric motor w/ gear box. As Is
189.1 large lot of assorted elec. ext. cords. As Is
190.Desalt compound miter saw. Runs. As is
191.Ting and groove car siding and wood trim. As Is
192.1 tote misc. hardware, door locks, heat lamps and misc. As Is
193.Universal DC converter. As Is
194.1 1/2 ton floor jack. Not working. As Is
195.Rockwell compound miter saw. As Is
196.Twentieth century heavy duty 295 amp welder. As Is
197.2 material rollers 1 10 foot 1 8 foot. As Is
198.Large lot of aluminum facia and trim. As Is
199.30 inch. Exhaust fan. As
200.Large lot of galvanized pipe, drywall corners, alum facia, siding and misc. As Is
201.Large lot of nails, staples,chalk, door locks, misc. As Is
202.Large lot of scrap, shower heads, dolly wheels, roof jacks misc. As Is
203.42 inch cement Bull float. As Is
204.48inch cement Bull float. As Is
205.Approx 28 long handle tools, 2 sprayers, levels. As Is
206.Mikita cut off saw, doesn't work,
207.B&G pumps, door hardware, nuts and bolts, misc. As Is
208.Century universal high frequency Arc stabilizer. As Is
209.Large lot of assorted nails, pipe misc. As Is
210.Sears portable 85000 btu salamander. As Is
211.Coleman Furnace and Ac unit w/ A coil. As Is
212.Kerosene heater, flashing and misc. As Is
213.Ready heater pro 110. As Is
215.Ready Heater pro 110. AS IS
216.7 dorm refrigerators, ac unit, 2 microwaves, washing machine, misc. As Is
217.Dryer, frigerator, grinder, torch hoses, water heater, misc
218.Hyd. Valve like new. As Is
219.Sears craftsman planer/ jointer. As Is
220.Shelf of wire, electrical, wagon wheel type lights, screens, misc. As Is
221.Gas powered air compressor. As Is
222.Electric. Air compressor, bad cord. As Is
223.Desalt radial arm saw. As Is
224.Coffee table, very rough As Is
225.Dresser. As Is
226.4 drawer chest. As Is
227.4 drawer brown chest. As Is
228.3 drawer chest. As Is
229.2 whicker bottom ladder back chairs. As Is
230.Assorted misc. chairs. As Is
231.Round table and 3 chairs. As Is
232.Tell city table and corner shelf. As Is
233.Approx 10 misc. sheets plywood, table top, aluminum channel. As Is
234.2 jugs of iron stone, box caulking guns, 2 castor wheels. As Is
235.4 trays misc. tools. As Is
236.Hack saw blades, Han wrenches. C clamps hammers misc. As Is
237.Large, large lot of vinyl siding, j channel, soffit. 2 roller doll eyes. As Is
238.Misc, saw blades and tools. As Is
239.Tool box of misc. power tools. As Is
240.Bath room vanity still in box. As Is
241.Twin bed frame, metal channel 3 boxes of window screen. As Is
242.Wheel barrow with gutter spouts. As Is
243.Tool box of misc. hand tools. As Is
244.Tool box misc. plumbing. As Is
245.Large lot of square and round duct work. As Is
246.2bags insulation and plywood scrap. As Is
247.Wood and metal bed frames. As Is
248.14 foot ladder. As Is
249.Garage door, opener and assorted wheel chairs, wire and misc. As Is
250.Lattice, marble back splash, galvanized drip pans, As Is
251.Tool box w/ electric drill and drill bits. As Is
252.The stickler. This is a wood splitter that mounts to the hub of a automobile. As Is

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