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Item Description
1.Spatulas, some have heat safe handles, 3 wood handles, 5 safety handles, 2 blue safety handles, assorted brands. Sold as is.
2.20 assorted knives. assorted brands. Sold as is.
3.10 assorted tongs, all stainless except for 1. Sold as is.
4.28 assorted stainless ladles. As is.
5.11 assorted stainless spoons. As is.
6.Assorted scoops/ 8 stainless, 3 plastic. As is.
7.Assorted kitchen utensils, whisks, measuring cups, candy scoops, and strainer. As is.
8.Assorted table top containers, 3 syrup jars, creamers, 4 stainless syrup cups. As is.
9.Assorted sunday/ice cream cups, glass. As is.
10.Assorted kitchen items, lid cutter, ladles, lighters. As is.
11.Assorted office supplies, clipboards, staples, tape, desk top containers. As is.
12.Assorted wall hangings/ 7 pieces. As is.
13.Assorted coffee wall hangings, 6 pieces. As is.
14.Assorted breakfast wall hangings, 8 pieces. As is.
15.Assorted wall hangings, 11 pieces. As is
16.6 pictures and one sign, wood shelf not included. As is.
17.7 assorted wall hangings. As is.
18.Wood coffee sign 4 foot long. As is.
19.7 bus trays, 4 black, 2 grey, 1 brown. As is.
20.Misc. plastic containers, 2 drawer organizer. As is.
21.8 plastic dish trays. 3 different styles. As is.
22.8 sterilite plastic totes/ 5 are 12 quart. As is.
23.Box of new 4 slot jelly caddies, 12 pieces in box. As is.
24.Box of new 4 slot jelly caddies, 12 pieces in box. As is.
25.Box of new 4 slot jelly caddies, 12 pieces in box. As is.
26.16 small plastic containers with lids, 2 sizes. As is.
27.15 12 QT plastic totes with lids. As is.
28.Bunn double coffee warmer with 7 coffee pots. As is.
29.Bunn single coffee warmer with 7 coffee pots. As is.
30.44 sugar caddies (white) in black bus tub. As is.
31.31 plastic food trays. 14"x18" As is.
32.12 tabasco table caddies in clear tote. As is.
33.16 Tabasco table caddies in black tote. As is.
34.Samsung cash register with extra paper. As is.
35.LED open sign, blue and red solid or option to have blue lights flash. As is.
36.9 grey plastic food trays 14"x18" As is.
37.12 blue stackable totes 10"x14" As is.
38.35 green fry baskets 6"x9.5" and 29 red fry baskets 5.5"x8" As is.
39.Rubbermaid silverware holders, 5 round serving trays. As is.
40.2 buckets, 2 wet floor signs, fish bowl. As is.
41.3 fake plants, 1 fake tree. As is.
42.Large lot of superior dishes, bowls, salad plates, dinner plates, saucers and soup bowls in boxes. As is.
43.72 16 oz. new in box tumblers, clear. As is.
44.72 9.5 oz. half new half used tumblers clear. As is.
45.36 22 oz. tumblers clear, used. As is.
46.Plastic bag full of 12 plastic tea pitchers, 2 dry erase boards, As is.
47.59 16 oz. tumblers clear, used. As is.
48.Assorted tumblers 22oz., 9.5 oz., 85 pieces. 4 sizes. As is.
49.Stainless hall tree. As is.
50.12 coffee wall hangings in hallway. As is.
51.40 9.5 oz. white coffee mugs, used, Superior. As is.
52.36 9.5 oz. white coffee mugs used, Superior. As is.
53.49 8 oz. white coffee mugs used. Syscoware. As is.
54.2 boxes of assorted used coffee mugs. As is.
55.Shop vac 12 gallon 4.5 hp. As is.
56.110 volt window ac unit by GE. As is.
57.Bissell carpet sweeper. As is.
58.4 plastic booster seats, brown. As is.
59.2 stainless 7"- 6" deep pots with handles. As is.
60.3 aluminum 3 qt. handles pots 6" diameter x 9" deep. As is.
61.Aluminum stock pot 12" diameter x 12" deep. As is.
62.Assorted stainless bowls, 1 is large strainer, large 15" across top 8" across bottom 6" tall. As is.
63.Stainless rack and aluminum baking sheet. As is.
64.Adkraft steamer, 2 soup pans with lids. 12"x20" pan with lid, 2 10"x12" pans with lids. As is.
65.Scotsman Prodigy ice maker. As is.
66.2 wooden high chairs. As is.
67.Silver king milk cooler. As is.
68.Stainless top prep table 30" wide 8" long and 34" tall. As is.
69.Plastic utility cart. As is.
70.True 2 door cooler. As is.
71.Stainless 30"x4' drink station with drain and back splash. As is.
72.Hatco Corp. serving window heat bar. 5ft. As is.
73.Infra order ticket holder 6ft. As is.
74.GE microwave. As is.
75.2 Blackn Decker toasters. 2 and 4 slices. As is.
76.Toastmaster 2 drawer bun warmer. As is.
77.Stainless top prep table 30"x6' (bun warmer separate) As is.
78.Steam table Duke model E303M
79.Refrigerated prep table True brand. As is.
80.Frigidaire Fridge/freezer. As is.
81.Frilator 2 basket deep fryer natural gas. As is.
82.Zesco 2 basket deep fryer natural gas. As is.
83.Star 22.5"x36" electric grill (no stand). As is.
84.Star 22"x44" electric grill (no stand) As is.
85.Starmax 20.5"x48" electric grill, no stand. As is.
86.2'x7'x25.5" tall stainless table on casters with wood sandwich bar, used to hold grills. As is.
87.2'x4'x25.5" tall stainless table on casters with wood sandwich bar, used to hold grills. As is.
88.28"x27.5" refrigerated True cooler. (bad door seal) As is.
89.Vulcan automix mixer. Table not included. As is.
90.2'x28"x28" stainless mixer table with can opener. As is.
91.Eagle 2'x2'x25.5" tall stainless table. As is.
92.3 bay stainless sink plastic plumbing included remove at wall connection. As is.
93.Black metal rack with cleaning supplies. As is.
94.Mop bucket and dust pan. As is.
95.18"x4'x75" tall 5 shelf rack. As is.
96.18"x4'x75" tall 5 shelf rack. As is.
97.Stainless sink with grease trap. 28"x100"/ 29"x47" extension. Dishwasher not included. As is.
98.Frigidaire upright freezer. As is.
99.3 chrome racks 1- 15"x15" with two sliding baskets 4 ft tall / 14"x18"x6' - 6 shelf / 13"x22.5"x30" tall - 3 shelf. As is.
100.18"x4'wide 75" tall 5 shelf rack. As is.
101.18"x4'wide 75" tall 5 shelf rack. As is.
102.18"x4'wide 75" tall 5 shelf rack. As is.
103.18"x4'wide 75" tall 5 shelf rack. As is.
104.18"x4'wide 75" tall 5 shelf rack. As is.
105.18"x4'wide 75" tall 5 shelf rack. As is.
106.Outside trash can with matching smoking outpost. As is.
107.3'x15"x78" tall lockers (18 small lockers) As is.
109.30"x54"x34" tall stainless rolling prep table. As is.
110.Blue metal cabinet 16"x20"x35" tall. As is.
111.Cosco step stool 2 step. As is.
112.Large lot of assorted steamer pots/lids. As is.
113.2 deep fryer baskets, tortilla fryer. As is.
114.Tables and boothes. 8 singles, 6 doubles. 7- 30"x30" single post tables, 14- 30"x34" single post one rounded end tables, 1- 30"x42" rectangle table, 4- 30"x44" chrome edge stainless post tables. As is.
115.45 green chairs. Padded with metal frames. As is.
116.45 red chairs. Padded with metal frames. As is.
117.Brass railings / 7- 7" pieces, 3- 52" pieces, 1- 58" piece, 1- 59" piece, and 1- 51" piece. As is.
118.Wind tunnel fan. (dirty) As is.
119.Trash can. As is.
120.Knee hole desk, office chair, 3- 2 drawer file cabinets, 4- 3 drawer file cabinets, As is.
121.4 pieces of racking in cooler 1. as is.
122.3 pieces of aluminum racking in cooler 2. As is.

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