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Item Description
1.SHS Audio SME-15-A pair of speakers, 250 W. 37Hz-20KHz. As is.
2.SHS Audio Airfoil 200 watt RMS 10" speakers.
3.Peavey 112M 260w Peak. As is.
4.Gen sound New York PL 150 AM with amplifier, 1 speaker. As is.
5.EV SxA100. As is.
6.SHS 1 speaker. As is.
7.2 Alto Professional trouper performance, 2 speakers, PA system and 3channel mixer bluetooth. As is.
8.Kustom KPX112M, 2 speakers. As is.
9.SHS 230v/115w, 2 speakers. As is.
10.SHS Audio, 2 speakers. As is.
11.JBL Eon with carrying bag, 2 speakers. As is.
12.Yamaha model-BR15, 2 speakers. As is.
13.SHS Audio, 2 speakers. As is.
14.Mackie Thump 15 15" loud speaker, 2 speakers. As is.
15.Kustom 4-10, 2 speakers. As is.
16.Harbinger, 2 speakers. As is.
17.EV S-181 Sub woofer. As is.
18.SHS Audio STE-Sub-15, 2 speakers. As is.
19.JBL JRx100 Model JRX125, 2 speakers. As is.
20.SP3G Peavey Model-sp3G, 2 speakers. As is.
21.Peavey max power 1000w, 2 speakers. As is.
22.Pair of speakers with wheels, No brand found on them, As is.
23.IRocker Mp3 digital display with remote control. As is.
24.Soundtech Amp. As is.
25.First Act MZA-110. As is.
26.Stone SGA-30RA Speaker. As is.
27.Yamaha EMX 860 ST Sound system. As is.
28.Radio Shack Karaoke machine. As is.
29.Bauhn Party speaker. As is.
30.Eurorack UBB1002. As is.
31.Eurorack UB2222 FX-Pro. As is.
32.Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro. As is.
33.Allen and Heath Mix Wizard WZ3. As is.
34.MAckie DFX-12. As is.
35.Designed Sound and video IPR-3000. As is.
36.Yamaha keyboard with stand. As is.
37.Casio CTK-511 Keyboard. As is.
38.The American Cable company. As is.
39.Horizon Power series. As is.
40.5 mic stands in hard case. As is.
41.SHS Audio SA2500 with microphone. As is.
42.Speaker stands on wheels. As is.
43.Case of mic clips, mic stand parts. As is.
44.Microphones, sound booth/ recording mics. As is.
45.Pyle PTA1000. As is.
46.Gato 8 space rack case. As is.
47.8 microphones in case, clip mic(Samson). As is.
48.5 mics in case (Highball). As is.
49.10 microphones (Horizon). As is.
50.9 microphones (Beta 58). As is.
51.1 Pyle microphone and 2 AudioTechnica. As is.
52.Samson mics. As is.
53.8 AudioTechnica mics. As is.
54.Wireless Memorex mic. As is.
57.Measurement mic. As is.
58.RMS RMS-20. As is.
59.Misc. cords. As is.
63.Pyle mic. As is.
64.Pyle mic. As is.
65.Pyle mic. As is.
66.Pyle mic. As is.
67.Mic stand. As is.
68.3 misc. mics. As is.
69.21 misc. mics. As is.
70.2 Naxa mics. As is.
71.Behringer B-2 Pro mic. As is.
72.Sheet music holder. As is.
73.Mic/ speaker cords. As is.
74.Mic/ speaker cords. As is.
75.Mic/ speaker cord. As is.
76.Mic/ speaker cord. As is.
77.Mic/ speaker cord. As is.
78.Mic/ speaker cord. As is.
79.3 audio cables. As is.
80.2 audio cables. As is.
81.2 audio cables. As is.
82.6 small audio cables. As is.
83.3 SHS Audio cables. As is.
84.5 misc. cables. As is.
85.Large group of misc. Audio cables. As is.
86.Case of Behringer Shark DSP110. As is.
87.Mic wind screens. As is.
88.Mic wind screens. As is.
89.On Stage stands, 6" Gooseneck mic extensions. As is.
90.Misc. mic stuff. As is.
91.QSC electric crossover. As is.
92.Speaker case. As is.
93.Behringer Xenyx FX Processor. As is.
94.Box of cords. As is.
95.Box of plugs/parts. As is.
96.Yamaha mixing console MG 206C. As is.
97.Mic cords/cables. As is.
98.Duct tape. As is.
99.Ultra-curve PRO DEQ2496. As is.
100.Sabine adaptive Audio. As is.
101.Behringer Super X Pro. As is.
102.Pyle PPA200. As is.
103.On Stage mic stands (2). As is.
104.On Stage mic stands (3). As is.
105.Stageline mic stands (3). As is.
106.1 light and 1 mic stand. As is.
107.2 misc. mic stands. As is.
108.3 mic stands. As is.
109.Stageline (3) mic stands. As is.
110.2 speaker stands. As is.
111.3 tripod stands. As is.
112.2 tripod stands. As is.
113.2 tripod stands. As is.
114.3 tripod stands. As is.
115.Speaker feet. As is.
116.2 guitar stands. As is.
117.2 guitar stands. As is.

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